Love & Rose Quartz ~ Strawberries & Cream. A sweet and fun fruity combination of unique sparkling aldehydes, luscious strawberries and cool fresh cream. Useful for the heart and unconditional love


Sex & Jasper ~ Salted Caramel. A scrumptious combination of rich brown butter caramel, creamy vanilla and glistening sea salt. Useful for endurance and restoring the libido


New Moon & Citrine ~ Spiced Apple. A fresh and fruity combination of tangy apple & cinnamon. Useful for attracting abundance and clarity


Full moon & Amethyst ~ Tobacco & Leather. A smoky and woody combination of dried tobacco leaves and rich leather laced with black sandalwood. Useful for detoxing, creativity and spirituality 


Protection & Smoky Quartz ~ Midnight Woods. A warm and sensual combination of rich mahogany, spiced citrus and undertones of musk. Useful for activating ones survival instincts


Travel & Tigers Eye ~A day at the beach. A comforting combination of sunshine and coconut oil with overtones of vanilla & sand. Useful for protection in travel, grounding and patience

Soy Crystal Candles