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Soul Groups, Connections & Healing

What is a Soul Group? A Soul Group is are a bunch of people who are a blueprint of you. Before you came to earth to learn about earthly lessons (sometimes I wonder why I came here to begin with!) You chose certain souls to help you on your journey on earth. Some of these souls you have extremely deep connections with such as a soul mate/twin flame/past life relationships which can leave you feeling energy that is in-explainable and un-explainable. (we'll get into this another time) When you meet someone from your soul group it can either go really well or really bad depending on what lesson they are hear to to teach you, recognizing such people can be difficult if you are not consciously aware of it. (I'm a HSP, Empath & Lightworker so it's easy for me to pick this up straight away) Imagine the feeling of love at first sight, you meet or pass someone by (not knowing them from a bar of soap) and automatically feeling a magnetic attraction to them, there is a sense of familiarity, a place to call home and your heart flutters a lot whenever you are around them, you know what they are thinking and can finish their sentences plus more.

There have been a few people who have popped up in my life from my soul group that I have recognized (and probably more that I haven't). My ex was apart of my soul group (this was a bad one) he was apart of a karmic/past life relationship, unfinished business (which is still unfinished) below are some signs of what a karmic relationship will look like and how soul group healing can help these types of relationships.

  • A very intense attraction( can't stop thinking about them)

  • A feeling of nervousness when the other is near (wanting them to love you )

  • An addiction to sex,drugs,drinking etc.(Non-stop party)

  • A "Bad Girl/Boy" persona (wanting to be safe/appear strong)

  • Arguments & hurtful words-resulting in sex afterwards (this is abuse!)

  • Giving up your interests and who you are to please them

  • Restricted Financially-always taking from you

  • Abuse of all kinds

  • Selfishness toward responsibility (you have to take care of everything)

  • Never letting go of past hurt( often bringing up the "ex" or parents)

  • Jealousy ( you are not allowed to hang out but they are)

  • Rage( outbursts of anger & property damage,door slamming etc)

  • Isolation ( no contact with friends no work no family)

  • Name calling (disrespect of feelings)

  • Weight Loss/Gain ( both from severe stress!)

  • Nice when they want something ( sweet talks until you give in)

  • Calling Just For Sex then ignoring you ( purely physical)

  • Lies (will lie even when caught!)

  • Cheating ( cheats with you,will cheat on you)

  • Social aggression(Hates attention that you get-gets into fights)

  • Obsession( calls you non stop-watches you, smells your clothes etc)

  • Breakups ( then cries or has a drama to pull you back in)

  • Depression (cutting, spacing out, loss of reality,sleeps all the time)

When I was going through my relationship battles I met my soul sister, she helped and guided me spiritually and we ended up becoming best friends!!

Soul group healing allows you to open your channels to the souls in heaven and on earth to guide you on your journey, to release any karmic debts and heal your heart from any residual energy that has been imprinted on you from another soul.

If you would like to know more information or book a healing session please contact me today at

Love & Light.

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