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What do I do, exactly?

Hey there lovers! I hope you are doing extremely well. I wanted to write a blog about what it is I do, exactly. I get many people asking me what and how and sometimes it's really hard to explain if you have never experienced it yourself so i'm going to try my best to explain in the best way possible.

As an all rounder I call myself an Energy & Spiritual Healer but what does that mean, what does it entail and how can it help you? By definition an Energy Healer is a person that minipulates the energy cuircits in the physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our bodies innate healing mechanisms. My gifts are somehow inbuilt into my soul, I have always been extremely spiritual and come from a long line of Romajni "Gypsy" ancestors. When I conduct my healing sessions I have my client lie down and let them come completely relaxed, I then use my hands to scan the body (not touching, but at least an inch away from the body) where I can innately feel where there is a blockage in the body, people ask how!? The best way I can explain it, is a thickness of air and energy (a magnetic force) when there is a blockage that thickness becomes thicker and thicker, think of it as walking through a cloud of fog!!! I then connect to the higher spirit/self and focus my intention on clearing this thickness until this magnetic force becomes thinner and easier to get through. Many clients experience symptoms throughout the session, some feel a tingling sensation in certain areas (kind of like pins and needles), some feel a rush of energy to that particular area, some feel nauseous, particularly in the area between the sacral and solar plexus chakra (the area between the perinium and the belly button). Healing does not take place right away, first you have to balance each chakra which takes about 3, 1 hour sessions and then the next 3, 1 hour sessions is when you start to see/feel a shift in energy and the client starts to become a lot clearer in their alignment, whether that's physical or emotional but I want to also point out that 99.9 % of the timTe physical pain manifests as emotional pain. If a client comes to me say with lower back pain I would advise them of what might be going on emotionally as well as clearing the physical pain. Lower back pain suggests, emotionally you may not be grounded, not feeling secure in life and also financial troubles.

In my healing sessions I like to cover all my sources of mind, body & spirit for this I conduct my 6 week wellness program where I cover my clients alignment over that time using different techniques. Firstly I will assess your chakras and your auras, treatments as necessary and i'll also conduct spiritual healing, spiritual healing uses methods such as oracle card readings, past life regression, coffee cup readings, neumerology and many more exciting things!!

I am also a HSP (highly sensitive person), Empath & Lightwkrker. By definition a HSP is a person have a specific personality trait of sensory processing sensitivity which leaves us to hypersensitivity to external stimuli, a greater depth of cognitive processing and HIGH emotional reactivity. ( I always get told i'm wayyyyyy to emotional and sensitive!!). An Empath by definition are people who have the paranormal ability (this cannot be taught or learned you are either born with it or you are not) to perceive the mental and emotional state of another person or being. Have you ever seen that episode of Charmed when Prue becomes an Empath? So basically 99.9 % of the time I can feel other people's pain (physical & emotional), and their thoughts. To get an idea of what it's like at times (which is why I steer clear of nightclubs these days, and anywhere there are big crowds because it gets too much too soon and I get completely drained and need like 3 days to recover!!!)

A Lightworker by definition are people who volunteered before birth to help the planet and its population to heal from the effects of fear. My job as a Lightworker is to teach people about love, healing and spiritual truths. Oh i'm also an old soul so I have many years of wisdom on my back ;)

I hope this helps people to understand this line of work a little better and please, if you would love to know more information or book in a time to see me please do not hesitate to contact me today.

I wish you all an awesome week.

Love & Light

Helen xx

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