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My Gypsy Soul

Hello lovers once again and welcome to my October blog! Mentioned in my previous blog I spoke about being from a line of Romani ancestors and I wanted to explore this more and share with you what I have learned and how this comes into healing and spirituality.

Firstly, a little about my heritage, to most people I tell them I’m Macedonian and to an extent that is true (our people eventually settled in Macedonia when the Ottoman Empire took over in Voskopoje (Albania), which was the commercial center for Aromanians or more commonly Vlachs. What is Aromanian or Vlach? We are an ethnic native group to the southern part of the Balkans, we are Latin decedents and we speak a romance Latin language.

The name Aromanian means A Roman or a Roamer, we were known to be shepherds, nomads and "gypsy's" (but not the kind of gypsy you think about today, we were not beggars) Vlachs were actually very hard workers (and still are) most of the business in the Balkans were established by the Vlachs. As shepherds, during the middle ages many Vlachs drove their flock of sheep to different mountains sussing out pastures and living there until it was time to move on.

Primarily the Vlach religion is Orthodox Christian and it practices the original Christian faith and maintains the sacred tradition passed down from the apostles which I believe in my view was adopted when they fled from their nomadic life and settled in Macedonia. As I am not a religious person I felt I needed to find out if my non belief in "religion" had something to do with my ancestor’s nomadic lifestyle, as they would of had to rely on nature and universal laws a lot when they were travelling.

While researching I came across an article that suggested Rom Vlach Gypsy’s were thought to have been medicine men and the women were taught to council other women of the lore of the Rom, which is really interesting because I have become a modern medicine woman who practices energy and spiritual healing and I have a profound calling to council, especially women to empower them on a daily basis. They also delved in purifying rituals with incense, fortune telling (readings), dream interpretations and many other spiritual practices which I have been drawn to since a young age. Even my grandparents are in tune spiritually they are usually the dreamers and interpreters in my family. It was thought of as a folk religion and they believed in purification, good karma, personal respect and dignity within the community.

I also wanted to write about Ancestral healing, this involves healing your ancestors unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma, this releases energetic patterns that can have disruptive influence on your life today. When I perform this type of healing on my clients I do it in the form of meditation where you go back and talk with your ancestors, find out what they did, how they lived and then approach the problem with them and work towards healing and forgiveness. While on the subject of ancestral healing I also want to speak about generational curses which are very real, I know because of personal experience! A generational curse is a defilement that has been passed down generation to generation if you are heavily involved with the occult which in Catholicism is thought to be a sin, that you are polluted or unclean which can have detrimental effects on your life such as heavy depression, addictions and constant obstacles in every day life. Today I want to reach out to those in need of any ancestral healing, breaking a generational curse or anyone simply wanting to be empowered beyond belief, for a limited time only I am offering free consultations for the month of October only!!

To end this blog please take the time to view a little video of some family members of mine singing a beautiful Aromanian song, the storytelling in Vlach music takes you to a different time and space, yes it has a certain magical feel to it.

Love, Light & Blessings

HH xx

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