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Past Lives & Soul Contracts

Hey Lightworkers! Welcome to my November blog, this month I’ll be covering past lives, soul contracts, soul mates and twin flames.

What is a past life?

A past life or reincarnation is the philosophical concept that an aspect of a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. Reincarnation originally comes from the Buddhist religion where it teaches the existence of the ten realms of being, it also comes in the form of the Hindu religion of Karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word from the root “Kri” which means to do or to make and it simply means “action”. It operates in the universe as the continuous chain reaction of cause and effect. So in layman’s term a past life is when a person’s spirit or soul has lived before in many or prior lifetimes and can reincarnate again and again until all lessons are learned (which has been decided prior to your birth by your own soul and universe). Yes, you choose when you want to be born, who you are born to and the people that you meet (soul contracts). There are different stages of development throughout each reincarnation which are noted as infant soul, baby soul, young soul, mature soul and old soul (I am an old soul). Some of the signs that you have been in a past life are: Dejavu, where you believe that the event you are in, in that exact moment has happened before, unexplained memories of events that have not happened in the present life, reoccurring dreams or nightmares similar to that of unexplained memories, having certain fears and phobias (which I have a lot of as I am an old soul I have been here on earth for centuries!), having extreme passion for something or suddenly changing what you’re passionate about, uncontrolled habits, inexplicable pains and birthmarks are just to name a few.

How to recognize a past life relationship or soul contracts.

As mentioned earlier there are a few different types of past life relationships, the most common one is the Karmic relationship, Karmic relationships happen because before we came to this life we have made a conscious choice to come together with another soul so that we can share, support, learn, heal and resolve past life issues. Not all of these relationships are happy one’s witch can take you on a wild ride of emotions! (trust me, I know from experience which I’ll explain later on) if you come into contact with an unhappy Karmic relationship you need to walk away no matter how you think you feel towards this person as these types of relationships are not meant to last forever, so please don’t confuse this with a romantic soul mate/twin flame relationship. Some signs you have entered a Karmic relationship are as follows: Instant recognition of each other, especially if you have not met them before and there is often a strong unexplainable attraction upon meeting them for the first time (this is the sort that we cannot justify to ourselves, let alone family and friends), an intensity to the relationship, either positive or negative and a tendency for the relationship to become the most dominant or perhaps even our only relationship, a deep emotional or physical connection, often that has an addictive quality, an ability to press each others buttons and an inability to easily walk away ( a feeling of needing to stay and if you dare think of walking away a wave of deep emotional depressiveness can come over you).

I first started to delve into past lives and relationships when I met my now ex boyfriend, I had met him through work and this particular office was a close knit place and we had a few different branches (I had worked at one, he at another) and I happened to be working at that particular branch the day he started working with us. I remember this feeling, still clear as day, as if it was yesterday (this is now going back to 2007 I think, I was just 21). As he walked through the door and shook my hand this instant rush of energy had come over me, I felt like I was in a falling dream! A magnetic force of attraction to him and I only just met him seconds ago! I had an inner knowingness that I had met him before, but not in this life. During the weeks that followed all I wanted to do was be close to him and find out more about him and had already developed an addiction that would slowly eat away at me, I could not justify it. We ended up perusing each other and our first “date” that ended up sexually fueled was not expected coming from me! A girl with morals and standards and not giving it up to just anyone. I felt his soul that day and there are no words to describe the feeling of when he looked into my eyes, there were no words spoken and his heart beat against me made me feel safe and comfortable, a sense of familiarity had come over me.

Our relationship started off great but a few months in, it went down hill, he was confused and distant and blew me off on every occasion but he would always come back and it would be great and then go south (sounds like a typical douchbag?) this was devastating for me because I felt this surreal connection that I couldn’t explain or justify, yet why is it going so badly? He tormented me for a number of years (don’t forget I had just turned 21 and this is the time to enjoy relationships and to have fun, nope… the universe had other plans for me!) I never knew if he wanted to be with me or not, it was the constant coming and going that put an emotional strain on me and would ruin any other relationship I’ve had after that but I can safely say now I am ready for a new and satisfying relationship and looking for the red flags before it gets to the stage I was at with my ex. I could not walk away from him, every time I tried as mentioned earlier a deep emotional depressive state would come over me, I could not eat, sleep, get out of bed and I would be in physical pain as well (kind of like coming off an addictive drug… withdrawals, nothing I’d ever experienced before in my life.

Sometimes I still feel his energy lingering around, even though we have cut ties and he is now married, a sense that there is unfinished business (a karmic tie that has not been released, which was also mentioned recently in a reading I had!) around the time I was going through my depression I met a wonderful person online, Leslie who was a spiritualist and provided a number of readings, I met Leslie in the Australian winter of 2009 and since then she has become one of my best friends and spiritual gurus, she had offered to do a past life reading for me to try and explain some of the things I was going through and how to achieve closure in this particular relationship. I want to share with you this particular reading as it did provide some insight into the relationship.

1 Time frame - 1600's

2 Relationship - you were an assistant of some sort in this particular life. You were both male. You two worked closely. That was your bond in that life. He was very bossy, domineering, he might have been royalty or related to royalty because he had this authority over you.. a power, like you had to do what he said no matter what. He was in charge. Sometimes he abused it. You yearned for him to acknowledge your importance. You strived for his approval. You guys spent a majority of your time together, almost day in and day out. You hated him sometimes but there was a connection there. Much like in this life. Your two souls have a connection.. this is why you have had multiple lives together in different scenarios. You both choose to come back together to learn soul lessons and teach each other. 

3 Helen's Gender – male

4 Ex's Gender - male

5 Helen's occupation - Assistant... to him. I believe he was an artist of some type. That would explain his diva asshole-ness and mood swings. Borderline split personality.

6 Lesson - Before starting this reading I asked the universe to bring me the past life which would be most significant and useful in your spiritual growth and which holds the most powerful lesson. Between that life and THIS life the lesson the universe trying to portray is that in this life after you look back and review that life and that you should chart a new course that will lead to greater happiness and joy. You're going to need to break away from him as you didn’t or couldn't in the other life. The cards show you need to draw upon a state of mental clarity, logic and objectivity in order to examine where you have been and where you are going. This mental clarity will also serve to smooth the way ahead, and make the passage from negative to positive as peaceful as possible. You can use your intuition to guide you through easy situations and call upon your impartial and analytical nature when it is needed for a more complex situations. Also in this life the cards indicate a little depression or ‘the blues’. You are doing your best to just get through each day as it comes, not particularly enjoying what it has to offer but not really giving up either. You may feel listless, lacking energy and motivation, and somewhat depressed. You are getting by but only just.

7 The end and death - After many many years of faithful service, hard work, stress, burden. He died first. I think a mixture of drinking himself to death and an illness. After those many many years with him you ended up alone with nothing left.. you had to rebuild a life. You were alone and yourself became bossy and unpleasant to be around. kind of bitter and rude. Stubborn and unwilling to accept peoples help. Bitter. 

Ultimately, the lesson you two are here to teach you is that you need to learn to let him go. Which is a thing you've had a hard time with in multiple lives. In the past life we just did you were miserable around him, yet you stayed. You need to release him. You will be with him again on the other side after this life.

If you feel that you need to release a Karmic tie there are a few options available to you. Most people would go to a qualified hypnotherapist (unfortunately I am not, but I do have other services to offer) past life regression is not for the faint hearted and can sometimes be very traumatic and in my opinion, damaging. Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, the problem I have with hypnotherapy is that it “takes you back” and sometimes it can be very difficult to get back to the present moment which can leave you more damaged than when you started, I offer a much lighter service in the form of meditation where you may receive visions or messages from the other side which can provide some insight on your current alignments and we will work together to resolve the issues through a 6 week intensive program. Meditation does not “take you back” you are simply in a relaxed state of being and completely aware of where you are and your surroundings so you cannot get stuck in a different time and space.

Lastly, I wanted to speak about the two other important relationships, that is soul mate and twin flames. Twin flames is literally the other half of you, your divine spouse where you stood before god (or as I like to call it, universal energy) and vowed that one half of you will come to earth and learn all of life’s lessons while the other half of you stays with “god” and acts as one of your guides, once all lessons are learnt your union can become complete. Most twin flames do not reunite on earth as this takes away the other half’s mission on earth. A soul mate will generally be on the same path as you, same desires, this person is intended to help you “complete yourself”, more positively than a karmic relationship. Someone who has been put on your path to help you become a better person. A soul mate is not always romantic but can be a best friend, pet, work college or parent/sibling.

I know this has been a long one but I hope you picked up some useful information. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, queries or booking an appointment.

As always, love, light and blessings to all.


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