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Something Special, Sexy, Wonderful

Hello Lightworkers once again and welcome to my December blog… it has just turned Summer here in Australia, my favorite season by far! The good vibes of sunshine and warm balmy nights, the music, great times with friends and overall positivity just radiates from my world. Indeed, it’s something special, sexy and wonderful.

I wanted to write about a couple of things this month, it’s the silly season and the end of another year it may have been great for some and bad for others, we are constantly doing things for other people but when do we stop and take the time for ourselves? This should be the time to reflect on the year it was. For me, another year of the bump and grind… waiting for my break in life and whenever I have a vison or plan for something it never goes my way. I lost my full time job due to redundancy so the past three months have been nothing but a stress! I wanted to change industries, focus on my talents and strengths of creativity and wellness. I was determined and focused on getting a job within the entertainment industry (I have a profound love for film and cinema) or perhaps a job in the wellness industry (quite obvious that I would want to do this). Helen’s Energy Healing is a small business and it hasn’t been easy getting this off the ground but I continue to work, grow and think of new ideas that will bring this community together, something I would love to do full time. Combining both of my loves would be the upmost special, sexy and wonderful thing to happen so I’m hoping the universe is working tirelessly to make this happen. I have not found the right job yet, but I did have an interview the other day that seemed to go quite well (still within the real estate industry) but the universe works in mysterious ways, I was asked to tell them something about myself that was not on my resume and I proceeded to tell them about my film adventure (for those of you who don’t know, I’m currently writing a screenplay which I hope to get produced!) and I told them about this business and they seemed to really love that about me and embraced my creativity and spirituality, the sales manager, however is an actor and has been in 3 independent films!!! This could be the connection I need… I find out next week if I get this job. Romantic relationships on the down low and my grandmother is not well and she unfortunately won’t get better.

With all this going on I decided to take some time to connect with myself, my commitments, my values and my higher purpose. As the quote reminds us “your body is a temple” and everyone should honor that in some way, take a day off to pamper yourself, read that book, watch that movie, go to that class, go do that exercise, when you do this you open up every channel, physically and energetically and will help you to keep motivated and give you much inspiration. Yesterday I took the afternoon off from job hunting, script writing, business brain storming and typical home duties. I decided to head over to one of my favorite Spa’s in Melbourne called Miss Fox where I had a 3-hour spa treatment from head to toe, and let me tell you it was worth ever dollar spent, I came out of that treatment feeling like a different, energized and more motivated than ever before. I urge you to do the same (you don’t have to spend a lot of money, even if it’s something small you will feel rewarded no matter what! If you want to give the gift of healing this Christmas, Helen’s Energy Healing is available to you, purchase a gift certificate and give a unique and trendy gift to your loved one. There will be a special sale for the month of December only, all purchases half price $50 for 50 mins!! Now that’s something to smile about!

2017 is going to be new and exciting, I just created my business channel on youtube where I’ll be vloging away and you can finally put a face to the name! Creating a spiritual network group has always been a dream of mine, the movement of teaching, healing and showing love and gratitude. Come join the sacred circle of Lightworkers and Empaths where we come together in a sacred circle and be funky and trendy as hell! Listen to the hot and funky beats of the music world, eat wonderful food, explore this beautiful city and create special connections! We will share, teach and motivate each other and the community around us, what’s not to love about that??

I would love you all to have a sneak peak at my teaser trailer for Lightworkers and Empaths on my new youtube channel (links below) please like, subscribe and share. If you would love to become apart of this exclusive group please contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram and we can get this party started.

Love, Light & Blessings

HH x

The Start of my pamper day

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