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The Priory of Sion Conspiracy

Hello lightworkers and welcome to my February blog. This month I’ll be covering a spiritual conspiracy theory on the Priory of Sion.

I first heard about The Priory of Sion through Dan Brown’s book and movie adaptation ‘The da Vinci Code’ which is a mystery-detective story, it follows Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu after a murder occurs within the Louvre Museum in Paris, where they become involved in a battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus Christ having being married and fathered children with Mary Magdalene.

This story embodies everything I love, spirituality and religion, conspiracies and crime! I quote the ever so famous line “where there is darkness there is light” I love this quote because without pain, heartache and obstacles we would never appreciate where we have come from and where we are going once we reach that pinnacle of victory. I am also a seeker, a spiritual teacher and I absolutely love the thrill of figuring out a mystery and sharing that love, knowledge and wisdom with you all.

If this is true, that Jesus was married and had a bloodline what would that mean for us all, how would this impact lives of millions having being taught and believing in a set of Religious values for centuries only to realize it was all fake? We all need something to believe in but I urge each and every one of you to look beyond conventional values and teachings and seek the knowledge of truth.

I have done some research on the Priory of Sion and I’d like to share thoughts and theories with you and I would love to get some of your opinions on this too!

In the book ‘Inside the Priory of Sion’ by Robert Howells explores the notion that this secret society considers there is a bloodline of Jesus, it remains secret to protect and prepare the world for a catastrophe of global proportions. The Priory faces great risks from vested interests to protect those who have sought to reveal the truth and have faced persecution and death.

What is the Priory of Sion? It is said that the Priory of Sion is both an organization and an ideal, it claims to manifest as a real order operating in the world at certain times either to release information or to act as a focus to those who follow and protect its ideals. It is said to be made up of people who have achieved enlightenment or higher spiritual knowledge who are alchemists, artists and old aristocratic families.

What is the aim? It is said to be a constant manipulation of the collective via the arts/media, spirituality, politically and written word. The Priory will always affirm that “things are going according to plan”

It is claimed to have a strong alchemical allusion. The word alchemy comes from the Arabic word al-kima which comes from the original name of ancient Egypt taken from the country’s rich black soil.

What is alchemy? Alchemy is the technique of altering and elevating the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir/tuning into the collective consciousness.

As mentioned earlier in my blog, they too have said they are concerned with an alternative history being released that it would be shocking to say the least. If the release of information is intended to create a shift in perception it would have a destruction of the Catholic Church and its teachings.

It is said that secret societies are interlinked such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati which also has a lot of political/government (CIA) influence. Through my readings over time there are two sides, some believe the Freemasons and the Illuminati are a negative influence on society demonstrating occultism and spirituality in a negative form, the elite are using this vessel as a mind control tool for the New World Order to rise. I do believe there is this dark energy surrounding us weather that is through these secret societies I’m not entirely sure yet. As some of you may know I am writing a screenplay and it is based on Government mind control with Illuminati influence. Is this release being misinterpreted?

In the late 1950’s a collection of documents called Dossiers Secrets were released, among these documents were the names of the members including Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and St Vincent de Paul, these men have been noted to hold “the secret” in their work, that they have hidden knowledge imbedded, did they have natural spiritual knowledge of this secret? This is still something that is being investigated. The Sion believe that St Vincent’s daughters of charity have been based upon the benevolent acts of Mary Magdalene and her mission to disseminate a true Christianity and protect the son of Jesus. St Vincent is the most famous of the members where he helped the orphaned and less fortunate, later in life he found his kindred spirit and created the daughters of charity which helped with the role of women in church and society towards gender equality.

The Paris Meridian: The Paris Meridian is located at Saint-Sulpice which is a Roman Catholic Church in France that is said to hold the “Holy Grail”… the bloodline of Jesus. The Paris Meridian is marked in the church by a marble dolmen which represents the male penis from the Egyptian god Osiris who was cast into the Nile by Seth the god of chaos, and lost. The Paris Meridian passes down through France to the tomb of Pontils at this tomb there is a painting of The Shepherds of Arcadia, some depict the Shepherds as the Egyptian goddess, Isis. The Paris Meridian is aligned in the shape of a pentagram and may contain the “Rose Line”.

Rennes-Le-Chateau: The Rennes-Le-Chateau is a small hilltop village in France and there are many mysteries surrounding this place. There are said to be links to the Holy Grail, Noah’s Arch and more. The area surrounding is a virtual playground for sacred geometry, one researcher said it may be laid out in the shape of a “ship of the dead” with links to the Paris Meridian as it does pass through Rennes-Le-Chateau. One mystery surrounding this place came about in the mid 1950’s when Noel Corbu bought the estate for a restaurant. It is said the previous owner’s wealth came from hidden treasure, where he had discovered hidden parchments with coded messages leading to a specific location.

The all seeing eye: The all seeing eye is represented by an eye in a triangle and it is reflected in Freemasonry/Illuminati to represent ‘god’ or conspiracy theorists say it represents a demonic symbol believing it is the devils eye that is watching you. The all seeing eye imagery can be seen along with many other icons and sculptures in the Church of Mary Magdalene which is located around St Sulpice and Rennes-Le-Chateau.

Sacred Geometry: Geometry carries its own secrets and can be seen as an expression of the divine, in and around Rennes-Le-Chateau. Geometry is especially important as it is used to portray deeper mysteries of the place. You can find this type of geometry in the Paris Meridian, Tree of life, Metatrons cube and the Fibonacci (golden ratio). Sacred geometry is said to contain answers and revelations to life, humanity and the collective consciousness through patterns and structures, the one that is most important in this mystery is the pentagram. A pentagram is a five pointed star; it describes the path of Venus in the night sky which is a feminine archetype and was a pre-Christian goddess of female sexuality.

Landscape & Energy: The land around Rennes-Le-Chateau is said to have magical properties with the soil containing so much iron and many natural springs, it can be said the telluric currents and the earths magnetic field can be used to act upon individuals at an energetic level. Everything is a vibration on a molecular level and would respond in some way.

Le Serpent Rouge: Le Serpent Rouge is another document that was found in the Dossiers Secrets it is a poem of 13 stanzas in which all threads of the Rennes-Le-Chateau mystery are drawn together including the route through the landscape, symbolism, alchemy, bloodlines, art, literature and the Paris Meridian. I would love to explore this further but the poem is quite long so perhaps I’ll leave the poem for another blog as this one is getting quite long but I’ll leave you with this short stanza.

‘Up from the Earth’s center through the seventh gate

I rose, and on the throne of Saturn sate,

And many knots unravel’d by the road;

But not the Knot of human death and fate.’

Relics: Perhaps the most famous relic from the life of Jesus is the Holy Grail, which is simply the cup used by Jesus at The Last Supper. The Idea proposed by some researchers is that it is not a physical object but a symbol of the bloodline of Jesus. It is also said that the cup is represented by femininity and the bodies of Jesus & Mary Magdalene are said to be buried at Rennes-Le-Chateau.

The true teachings of Jesus: The Gospel of Mary speaks of higher realms, the inclusion of this material shows Jesus to be more of a mystic than the New Testament allows for which is even more of a threat to the church as these teachings are said to have more of a Gnostic feel as it advocates direct contact with God through an internal dialogue. Many scriptures have been conveniently left out of the bible, ones that go against the grain of what the Catholic churches teach such as in the Gospel of Thomas “Those who lead you say to you, see the kingdom in the sky, but it is within you” This has not been approved by the Vatican, why? Because the idea that heaven is within us leaves the power of the church to the individual.

The Priory is insistent that in this lifetime there will be an apocalyptic event which will see the second coming of Jesus… not Jesus himself as he is dead and buried somewhere at Rennes-Le-Chateau but Jesus’s descendants will show themselves and change religion and spirituality as we know it.

I know this has been a long blog but I’ll leave you with one of my favorite versus.

‘The kingdom of God is inside you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift a stone and you will find me’

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